Sailing for Haiku

Sailing is one of the most ancient and ecological of human arts. Even today, people around the world can feel the romance of the sea. The world’s oceans cover 4/5ths of our planet and from the deck of a sailing ship the sky above and rolling waves to the horizon unite us in place, space and time.

Approaching the coast of Japan, our starting point draws upon this sense of ancient time, and place. Gradually, as we sail closer, the unique, timeless beauty of Japan becomes evident. Our goal is to share the contemporary literary culture of Japan with the rest of the world, through the medium of English—from ports of call both large and small, cosmopolitan and local.

SHAO: Concept — Voyage by sail

1) To network with noted poets and their peers in target-countries in order to create visibility for them.

2) Via the medium of English (translation & interpretation).

3) Utilizing internet technologies (video, blog, social networking).

4) To share haiku and poetry culture, via the creation of media attention.

5) International audience development.

6) To support regional needs for aid.

SHAO Goals

Over the next year, the goal of SHAO “Sailing for Haiku Across Oceans” is to raise funds to outfit our literary research vessel for a one-year “haiku sailing pilgrimage”—a circumnavigation of Japan, 2015–2016.

In order to accomplish this mission (see the separate “Mission Statement” for this), the expedition vessel, “Stella Aurore” an ocean-going Jeanneau 35-foot yacht, has been purchased by the Director, Professor Richard Gilbert.

SHAO is designed as an umbrella organization, to include the concept of sailing, poetry, cross-cultural exchange and networking, for the purpose of sharing poetry, poets, and life, across cultures.

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