Dr. Itô Yûki


Received his Ph.D. in Literature from Kumamoto University, in 2011, for his dissertation, “The Double War: Yeats’s Philosophy and Sense of National Identity in Evolution, from John Sherman through ‘Meditations in Time of Civil War.’” In 2002, he became a founding member of the Kon Nichi Haiku Translation Group. At age sixteen he began writing haiku, contributing to the magazine, TILL. One of the judges of its “Haiku Corner,” noted poet Morisu Ran, invited him to join the Saien (Dithyrambs) haiku circle. In 2001, he joined the Modern Haiku Association (Tokyo). That same year, he joined HIHI (Silent Snowfall), the haiku circle led by noted poet Hoshinaga Fumio. Publications include, New Rising Haiku: The Evolution of Modern Japanese Haiku and the Haiku Persecution Incident (Red Moon Press, 2007), noted translation series Kaneko Tohta: Four Volumes Series (co-author, Red Moon Press, 2011-2012), and English-language education textbook Grammar Discovery (Cengage Learning, 2013). He was an Adjunct Lecturer in English at Tokai University, 2010-2011, and Kumamoto Gakuen University, 2011-2013. He currently holds a position as professional editor at a publishing house in Tokyo.